Are You Ready For A Career In Sports Management

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Do you sincerely follow each match of your favorite sport? You a sports enthusiastic for sure. Then why not a take a career in sports. For that your need not be a player. You can definitely study Sports Management, one of the new specializations in management studies.
In India, there are many universities offering management courses. Anna University Chennai is one of the noted universities offering new and traditional MBA.
Careers after completing sports management are interesting. You can be a sports manager or an executive engaged in a sports management firm. Sports management offers lucrative career growth. But remember that behind the lucrative profession goes a lot of sweat and heat.
Functions of a Sports Manager:
Whether you are independent or working in a sports firm, there are many duties, which a sports manager requires to do. The duties can be divided into five important functions:
Business Development: This is an important duty where the sports manager requires doing. He /she require generating income or revenues for the company or the sports person hired for. Signing of new contracts and more sponsorship is the duty of sports manager.
Client servicing, strategizing and events planning are other important roles of a sports manager.
Promotion and Research are other important duties of the manager.
It can be said that the role of a sports manager begins with conceptualization of events and ends with final execution. The sports manager checks that the entire event goes hassle free. The MD of a well-known sports marketing firm opines that role of a efficient sports manager is to maximize the returns of his clients. Promotional events to handle by the executive include media coverage and handling press releases. For this, incumbent should be articulate in his speech. It is very important to have a right mix of attitude for the sports manager. He/ she have a right blend of business acumen and passion for the sports.
Sports Management Courses and Institutes in India:
Though management education in the country is very popular and a number of government and private B-schools live anna university chennai, Welinkar, Lovely University,Nirma University are coming with innovative programs, the domain of sports management is still uncommon. It is in the nascent stages of popularity in India though in western countries, this management is taught in many reputed B-schools.
In India, only a handful of institutes offer dedicated training in this field. Most of them are private firms opened by former players. To make a mark in the big league, students will have to work up their way using their talent and maximize every given opportunity.
Some institutions, which teach Sports Management courses In India, are as follows:
Allagappa Institute of Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu: This institute offers 2-year MBA program in the same. Regular and distant learning courses are available.
Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management, Kolkata- PGDM
Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai-MBA
Lakhmi Bai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior-PGDM