Action Sports Entertainment

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In the last 5-10 years, Extreme/Action Sports is on the rise. It continues to grow because people are fascinated and engulfed in the risk factor associated with each sport. The danger, that is inherent to the sport, is what keeps the public watching, participating and attending these events.

Theyve become popular with corporations looking for new ways to promote team building qualities or to just entertain their employees at parties or meetings. Groups of guys or bachelor parties have utilized extreme sports as a way of achieving excitement that is outside the box.

Extreme /Action Sports primary target market is the coveted 12-34 demographic. With the use of the X-Games, AST Dew Tour and Reality TV, this market has expanded to a secondary target of 35 to 60 year olds.

One of the top companies that has taken Action Sports to Corporate America and large public events is EE&E and its entertainment division, E3.

They are a full-service event & entertainment company for more than twelve years. They have an impressive corporate client list that includes, but is not limited to: Disney, ESPN ABC Sports, Virgin, Pepsi, The History Channel, Gatorade, Burger King, Wilson, Xbox, NFL, Citibank, Sprint, Pfizer, University of Miami, Kawasaki, Colgate-Palmolive, GEICO, Doral Resort & Spa, American Express, BMW and Ryder Systems.

They are a full-service event production and entertainment agency with a specialty in action sports and stunts. There are many exciting and different events and programs they can provide to create an incredible experience for your clients. Their experience and unlimited resources will ensure a unique event.

They are fully insured with a 100% safety record for more than 12 years. They can customize any package to meet your needs and those of your clients.